Appalachian Inspired Distilled Spirits

The distillery produces the following,
with more as time goes on.

Passionate about Creating Spirits with a Distinct Taste unique to our region...

Our spirits have a distinct taste unique to Alberta, made using locally sourced natural ingredients and crafted with a moonshiner corn-based profile. We take pride in providing a true “grain to glass” experience, never using sourced GNS (grain neutral spirits) or chill filtering. Our grains, including corn, rye, wheat, and barley, are sourced locally from Alberta. We believe in respecting the grain and delivering a one-of-a-kind taste experience. 

At our distillery, we are passionate about creating spirits with a distinct taste unique to our region. Our journey started with a unique hands-on experience training with a Virginia-based distillery that specializes in moonshine. The knowledge and techniques we gained from this experience have been invaluable in helping us hone our craft and perfect our processes.

We use the same traditional techniques for distilling, open-top fermentation, and mashing used for generations in the Appalachian Mountains. These techniques involve using locally sourced ingredients and carefully controlling the temperature and humidity during fermentation to ensure a consistent and high-quality product.

What we offer